Cold Laser Therapy for Dogs & Cats

What is laser therapy?

The laser is applied directly to the surface of the skin or it can be held just above the skin surface. A benefit to cold laser therapy it that it is not necessary to shave the fur in the region of treatment. Treatment can be administered without discomfort or restraint.

The beam of the laser consists of wavelengths with photons that penetrate into the tissue. The photons are absorbed by cells that are not properly functioning due to injury or disease. The photons help to initiate cellular processed by increasing the productivity of ATP, the energy source for cells. This increases overall cellular function, allowing for more rapid absorption of nutrients, elimination of wastes and reproduction of new cells. The reproduction of healthy cells and efficiency of cellular function aids to:

-Alleviated chronic or acute pain

-Reduce inflammation of soft tissue

-Reduce edema (fluid trapped in body tissue)

-Activate immune cells

-Reduce bacteria in region of treatment

-Increase blood flow to region of treatment

-Help surgery heal and recovery ( incisions , growth removals, bone surgeries)

We devote ourselves to being knowledgeable and progressive through continuing education and veterinary relationships. In this way, your pet will receive the most up-to-date and thorough medicine, while ensuring confidence in your pet's care.

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